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Flex Sales Associate Enrollment Package



BlackBox Cosmetics Flex Independent Sales Associate/Consultant Enrollment Package


At BlackBox Cosmetics we believe in keeping things simple and that includes enrolling with us as an Independent Sales Associate/Consultant.


 Our Enrollment Package is only $149 and includes the following:


1)    The complete ability to start an Independent Sales & Consulting business with BlackBox Cosmetics.

2)    A $100 Shopping Credit to purchase any BlackBox Cosmetics’ products or marketing materials of your choice. The $100 credit goes even further considering you will now be able to make purchases in our Sales Associate/Consultant-only Wholesale Shopping Cart.

3)    You will receive an online personal shopping cart for your customers with all of our products already loaded and ready for purchases with any major credit card. Orders are placed using our transaction and credit card processor, we process and fill the orders, and ship directly to your customers.

4)    The complete ability to grow your own personal sales organization as large as you wish and earn residual income off their shopping cart sales and personal product or marketing material purchases.

5)    You will have access to your own Back Office with your personal sales and commissions.

6)    You will have access to your residual income records from your sales organization’s activity and sales.

7)    You will have the ability to buy at wholesale and even greater discounted case and backbar sizes… giving you the even greater income opportunity.

8)    You will receive our Independent Sales Associate/Consultant Sales Folder and Promotional Materials.


* There are no renewal, hosting, or merchant fees of any kind to maintain your BlackBox Cosmetics’ business.