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VuDu Argan-Fig (16 oz) ISA PACKAGE


This is our Independent Sales Associate (ISA) & VuDu Hair Argan-Fig (16 oz) Combo Set Package. This package includes (1)one 16 oz Argan-Fig Shampoo and (1)one 16 oz Argan-Fig Conditioner. The Argan-Fig 16 oz combo set is a ($75 value). The ISA Enrollment Fee is $99.00. You will receive 20% off the VuDu Hair Combo Set price. The total cost for this package with combined discounts is now only $159.00.

For more information about becoming an ISA, please refer to our "Opportunity Section” on our main website menu. Here is that link:!opportunity/c1dr5

With the purchase of this ISA Package, you will become an Independent Sales Associate with BlackBox Cosmetics. As an ISA, we provide you with your own BlackBox Cosmetics’ shopping cart. You can link to your shopping cart from anywhere on the web and your customers can shop or enroll there 24/7. You have the ability to sign-in and purchase our products at wholesale from your shopping cart as well. You can then sell them to others at our suggested retail price. In addition, you will have the ability to develop your own sales organization and benefit from 8 levels of residual income.

This package includes: 1) Your own Replicated BlackBox Cosmetics' Website & Shopping Cart. 2) (1)one 16 oz VuDu Hair Argan-Fig Shampoo & Conditioner Combo Set. 3) The ISA Folder and Promotional Materials.

There are NO other fees or renewals associated with becoming or maintaining your Independent Sales Associate status. It is that simple.