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Body Potion This order includes one large 9.25 ounce bottle of product in addition to our product applicator massager.

At BlackBox Cosmetics we have devoted years to developing thermogenic body-fat and cellulite-reducing products. Now with a new scientific breakthrough in skin-toning and fat-reduction, our incredible combination of thermogenic ingredients and skin penetrating enhancers, we introduce this amazing product! Unlike other toning and bodyfat-reducing products, Body Potion tricks the body’s fat cells into a safe non-toxic state of exercise. Fat cells shrink and the body responds with loss of inches, better definition & tone, and a reduction in cellulite. When used in combination with exercise, results are even more dramatic!

Directions: At least once daily, pump product into hand and distribute evenly over the area you wish to tone. Using our applicator massager, help the product to be absorbed by massaging in circular motions. Additional massage will help with deeper absorption. To improve & speed results, apply 20-30 minutes prior to exercise.