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Collagen Serum - Regular size


Collagen Serum is a collagen repair & building product using the latest advancements in skin science. The main active ingredient in this serum is Liposomal Synthesized Tetrapeptide in combination with our proprietary deep penetrating Hyaluronic Acid and other wrinkle-fighting ingredients. In studies it has been shown to mimic the sequences of decorin that bind to collagen fibrils and regulate Fibrillogenesis. Fibrillogenesis is an essential process in tissue formation that improves firmness and elasticity of the skin. In effect, Collage Serum replaces the non-functional decorin encountered as the skin ages, and also sustains a superior moisture profile. Aging skin contains a truncated form of decorin, which lacks binding regions with collagen fibrils, producing a negative effect on the elasticity on the skin. Collagen Serum containing Decorinyl is a mimic peptide of these binding sequences that has been proven to regulate fibrillogenesis, control collagen fibril diameter and increase skin suppleness. Collagen LT is a liposomal system for enhanced penetration, stability and efficacy.