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Luminous Photo Protect Serum - Regular


In development at blackbox for over 2 years, we believe Luminous is one of our greatest achievements in anti-aging skin care. It's so unique & revolutionary; we've never seen anything like it in the skin-care industry. It's our New Anti-aging daily-Use Photo protection product for the face that protects, lightens, evens out pigmentation, and illuminates.

This outstanding product offers:

-Lightens & reduces pigmentation and evens out skin tone with new non-toxic skin lighteners.

-Light sunscreen Photo protection.

-Traps excess free radicals at an early stage.

-Has an amazing ability to illuminate and blur fine lines & imperfections.

-Long-lasting moisturization.

-Protects the skin's support tissue.

-Multiple skin-plumping agents.

-Incredible absorption and feel.