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CBD/Sulforaphane Serum (Regular Size)


We took 2 of the most incredible botanicals known to science, added them to our proprietary combination of anti-aging nutrients, and made a serum unlike any other in the skin-care industry.

Our CBD/Sulforaphane Serum can:

-Dramatically improve cell damage repair with age-reversing benefits.

-Lower Inflammation and soothe inflamed skin, which can help with

autoimmune skin conditions such as: Psoriasis & Eczema.

-Can clear up Acne by effectively regulating sebum production and

lowering inflammation.

-Balance & Moisturize any skin type with essential fatty acids

Omega 3 and Omega 6.

CBD Oil (Hemp-derived) & Sulforaphane (from Broccoli Sprouts)?

At blackbox, we've been the leader in creating the highest quality nutritional products using Sulforaphane. Since making our debut as an anti-aging skin-care company, it goes without saying we've also been keeping an eye on studies involving Sulforaphane for skin-care applications. Once it became apparent Sulforaphane had an incredible impact on skin cell repair and protection, we knew it was time to include it into our CBD formulation already in development.?

We believe the combination of benefits derived from CBD Oil and Sulforaphane can be life-changing, especially for those with autoimmune skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema. However, it has been found helpful for those with acne and may be one of the best anti-aging combination available.In one study when the extract was applied daily during the 3 days before UV exposure, cell damage, on average, declined by 37%. This implies a reduction in the risk of skin cancer from UV radiation, since it blocks UV rays. It also implies it will help skin cells handle any damage.