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Viral Defense Shots Berry Lemonade (33 Serv)


Viral Defense LiquidbyForceField Nutrition was created to meet an ever-increasing need to support our body's immune system against viruses and inflammation caused by them. ForceField Viral Defense uses the most powerful ingredients with verifiable studies showing their benefit in this effort. These amazing ingredients include: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Quercetin, Zinc Picolinate, Echinacea, Ginger, & Manuka Honey.

Recent studies have shown these nutrients have the ability to disrupt virus replication and/or dramatically lessen their severity. Quercetin (found in this product) is known to give other nutrients like Zinc the ability to pass through cell walls to make this happen. Individuals with the worst effects from viruses are often Vitamin D3 and/or Vitamin C deficient. This product is loaded with these nutrients along with Echinacea & Ginger, which have been very popular natural anti-virals used to fight viruses for ages. With so many combined nutrients, Viral Defense is an economical way to stay healthy year round at a fraction of the cost to take each ingredient separately and our customers tell us it's the best tasting supplement they've ever used. It tastes amazing. This product is easy & convenient to take with the provided dispensing cap.