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Ultra Fat Burner - 24oz / 24 Servings


Certain foods & nutrients signal our body to store additional body fat for times of scarcity. Likewise, a handful also signal when we no longer need additional fat storage. Most likely this was instinctual to our early ancestors to help survive famine or harsh winters. Fat stores were then dropped when proper fat-reducing signals came from sources displaying food was abundant. After many years of research and personal-use testing of the special ingredients in Nutrux Ultra Fat Burner... and removing fat-signaling plant, nut, and seed oils, our founder (seen at our corporate website) was able to drop a significant amount of body fat rather quickly. In his mid 50s, our founder is approached daily to explain how he easily maintains 3-7% body fat year round, while eating a moderately healthy diet.

Nutrux Ultra Fat Burner assists in fat loss by curbing your appetite, improving healthy thyroid function and signaling our bodies to drop unwanted body fat with a combination of our proprietary ingredients. Once or twice a day, the delicious mocha shot can be taken on its own or added to a morning coffee or smoothie. It should also replace coffee prepared with MCT Oil or any other plant, seed, or nut based oil. Ultra Fat Burner also assists as an appetite suppressant and can be taken during times when you may want to snack on something unhealthy.